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Tips & tricks, new releases, and community contributions delivered to your inbox - Every month

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Reaching 13K stars on Github and community contributions

A week ago, AdonisJS received 13,000 stars on Github. A huge thanks to everyone for supporting and using the framework. We take great pride in our work and always strive to bring meaningful improvements and features to the framework.In case you haven't, pleas…


AdonisJS Update - New sponsorship program, screencasts and community contributions

Finally, the Github sponsors are available in India. I am using it to deliver more value to the sponsors, hoping that all this will help me find long-term sustainability with AdonisJS.What are the sponsorship perks?The first goal is to not rely only on the go…


Support for testing, VS Code extension and community contributions

A couple of months back, we announced Japa (a homegrown testing framework for Node). This month, we integrated Japa into AdonisJS, providing a seamless testing experience.When writing tests:AdonisJS allows you to organize tests using test suites.API client to…


AdonisJS Update - New core team member, releasing Japa and a lot more

Japa is a testing framework for Node only. Initially, I set out to create a testing framework for AdonisJS but later decided to keep it framework agnostic so that projects other than AdonisJS can also use it.We are completing some essential packages to create…


Round-up 2021 and the future

Today, I want to reflect on all the work we did last year together as a small and nimble community and talk about the future (mainly the goals for 2022).


AdonisJS update - Two new packages and community contributions

AdonisJS now has an official package you can use to create multi-lingual applications. You can use the i18n package to:Perform language-sensitive formatting of specific values such as date, currency, or name.And use the localization layer to store language-sp…


AdonisJS update - Release updates, documentation changes and community contributions

The highlight of the August release is AdonisJS Drive. I have talked a bit about Drive in the past and also during the release. However, here is a small introduction screencast on Drive.


AdonisJS update - Product Hunt launch and a demo application

We didn't have any releases last month, but we are working towards adding two new packages to the core ecosystem.AdonisJS Drive will be an abstraction on top of cloud storage services like S3, Google cloud storage, etc. The primary goal is to help you switch …


AdonisJS Update - Release updates, Ecosystem packages, Articles and Tips

Last month we made the first release after the major v5 release. It includes a bunch of bug fixes, minor improvements, and also the following notable changes.You can now access the HTTP context anywhere inside your codebase using the recently added Async loca…