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AdonisJS Update - New core team member, releasing Japa and a lot more





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AdonisJS Update - New core team member, releasing Japa and a lot more
By Team AdonisJS • Issue #6 • View online
Hello everyone 👋
I am back with another update. We just did a release with many small improvements, bug fixes, and a handful of new features. Make sure to go through the release notes to learn more.

Japa - Testing framework for Node.js
Japa is a testing framework for Node only. Initially, I set out to create a testing framework for AdonisJS but later decided to keep it framework agnostic so that projects other than AdonisJS can also use it.
We are completing some essential packages to create a joyful testing experience for AdonisJS applications.
Long awaited Lucid commands
Lucid had just two commands migration:run and migration:rollback to migrate the database. Recently Julien has contributed the following commands to wipe or reset the entire database, making it quicker to run migrations during development.
Rollback migrations all the way. This command is similar to migration:rollback --batch=0
Same as calling migration:reset and migration:run together. Optionally, you can also seed the database.
This command deletes all the tables in the database. Optionally, you can also drop views and custom PostgreSQL types.
Do note this command does not roll back any migrations. Instead, it just wipes the entire database.
Same as calling db:wipe and migration:run together. Optionally, you can also seed the database.
Notable packages from the community
  • pretty-list-routes - A prettified version of list:routes command.
  • adonis-select-related - Preload relationships via joins instead of a separate query. This package is heavily inspired from Python’s Django Framework.
  • adonis-grpc-consumer - Communicate across GRPC services from your AdonisJS application.
  • @verful/notifications - Notification system to deliver notifications via Mail and/or store them within the Database.
Articles and Screencasts
Reusable Edge components with Alpine.js | Adonis Mastery
AdonisJS Quick Tip: How To Add A Custom Method to the Model Query Builder in AdonisJS - Jagr
Fulltext search with MySQL | Adonis Mastery
Welcome Julien - A new core team member
Julien is a 25 year old French developer with a passion for JavaScript and Open Source who fell in love with AdonisJS over a year ago.
He has already contributed a lot to the ecosystem. Here’s the highlights of some of his work:
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Team AdonisJS

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