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AdonisJS Update - New sponsorship program, screencasts and community contributions

AdonisJS Update - New sponsorship program, screencasts and community contributions
By Team AdonisJS • Issue #8 • View online
Hello 👋
I am back with another update. We have a lot to talk about this time, so let’s get started.

Sponsorship program on Github
Finally, the Github sponsors are available in India. I am using it to deliver more value to the sponsors, hoping that all this will help me find long-term sustainability with AdonisJS.
What are the sponsorship perks?
The first goal is to not rely only on the goodwill of open source but deliver real value to sponsors.
  • Persona - Persona will be the official starter kit of AdonisJS that comes with User authentication2FAsupport for teams, and roles management. The package is going to be only for sponsors.
  • - The learning website will house all the premium courses I plan to record and publish this year. Again, the access will be limited to sponsors only.
  • Sponsorware - Packages that are initially shared with the sponsors during the development phase. However, they are made available to everyone once the APIs are stable.
You can learn more about my plans with Github sponsors in this article - Quest for finding open-source sustainability with Github sponsors.
Route model binding package
Route model binding is a neat little trick to bind the Lucid models with the Route params. For example, You can say, on the route /posts/:id, the value of the id param should be used to query a Post and inject its instance to the controller automatically.
The README of the project will do a better job of explaining how it works :)
Route model binding is very popular in the Laravel community, and I have received numerous requests to add it to AdonisJS. Finally, we have it 🎉
Tom from Adocasts and Chimezie Enyinnaya from AdonisMastery are always on top of their game and releasing new content. Here are some of the recent screencasts from them.
How To Make A Simple AdonisJS Package - Adocasts
Community packages
Following are some of the hand-picked packages contributed by the community members.
  • RAdonis - RAdonis very elegantly integrates React as a templating layer with AdonisJS. Your application’s routes are still defined in AdonisJS, but instead of rendering edge templates, you can render React components on the server and hydrate them on the client.
  • Edge fractal - Fractal helps you create a visual style guide from any template engine. The edge fractal package creates a bridge between Fractal and edge.
  • AdonisJS Permissions - A lightweight package to create database-backed Roles and Permissions and assign them to users.
  • AdonisJS Cache - A multi-driver caching system. The package has drivers for Database, DynamoDB, File, InMemory, Memcached, and Redis right out of the box.
We all have been giving our best to make AdonisJS awesome everyday. So, if you like the framework, please give us a star on Github. See you next time 👋
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Team AdonisJS

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