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AdonisJS update - Product Hunt launch and a demo application

AdonisJS update - Product Hunt launch and a demo application
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Hello everyone 👋
We recently launched AdonisJS on producthunt and ended up being the 3rd product of the day. The feedback we received on PH was overwhelming and a great motivation to continue our efforts towards making AdonisJS more awesome 😍

No releases, but something's cooking
We didn’t have any releases last month, but we are working towards adding two new packages to the core ecosystem.
  • AdonisJS Drive will be an abstraction on top of cloud storage services like S3, Google cloud storage, etc. The primary goal is to help you switch between these storage services without changing a single line of code.
  • AdonisJS Intl adds support for localization to your AdonisJS application. It includes formatting dates, numbers, and currencies, as well as support for managing translated messages.
Demo polls app
I (Harminder Virk) recently created a demo polls application someone can use as a reference to learn the framework.
Even though the scope of the application is relatively small, it is very close to how I will create my production-ready applications.
  • I have used the Edge template engine to create a server-rendered application.
  • Tailwind CSS for styling the app.
  • Alpine.js for creating the dropdown and the alert dialog.
  • Finally, using Turbo drive, and quicklinks to have snappy page navigation (almost feels like a SPA).
Make sure to go through the project README to learn more about the technical details.
AdonisJS prldfiles - DEV Community
Create Your Own AdonisJS Commands to Create and Drop Databases
Notable packages from the community
This month’s pick is Yalc. Lately, I (Harminder Virk) have been creating many packages for AdonisJS, and Yalc turned out to be a handy tool for using these packages without publishing them on npm.
If you are working on a package that needs to be installed as part of some bigger application, then you can use Yalc as a local repository for publishing and installing packages.
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Team AdonisJS

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