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AdonisJS update - Release updates, documentation changes and community contributions

AdonisJS update - Release updates, documentation changes and community contributions
By Team AdonisJS • Issue #3 • View online
Hello 👋
I am back with our third issue of the AdonisJS newsletter. This time there are quite a few things to share. So let’s jump right onto them.

August release
The highlight of the August release is AdonisJS Drive. I have talked a bit about Drive in the past and also during the release. However, here is a small introduction screencast on Drive.
AdonisJS Drive - An abstraction on top of cloud storage services
Other release items
  • Add Spotify driver to Ally.
  • Support for lazy loading relationship aggregates.
  • Share env and config globals with Edge templates.
  • A subtle change in how Lucid models consume the database response and set properties on a model instance.
  • Upgrade all internal usages of Luxon to version 2.
Documentation improvements
Lately, I am trying to re-visit the documentation once in a while to document the missing APIs and improve the overall quality of the docs.
Let's learn AdonisJS
Tom Gobich from has started a new in-depth series covering all the framework topics. I highly recommend watching these screencasts if you are new to the framework.
Let's Learn Adonis 5 - Jagr
Notable packages from the community
  • Adonis Stardust allows you to share your AdonisJS routes with the client side JavaScript application.
  • Adonis Credentials let you store and share encrypted environment variables within your AdonisJS applications.
  • Adonis Ally Apple is a community built Ally driver to implement login with Apple.
This month’s pick is MailHog. MailHog is an email-testing tool with a fake SMTP server that catches the outgoing emails and makes them available to you via their Web interface or Rest API.
So, during development, you can use the AdonisJS SMTP Mail driver and set the host/port to the MailHog server. Now, all the emails will be forwarded to MailHog (instead of delivering to the actual recipients), and you can view them inside their Web interface.
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Team AdonisJS

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