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AdonisJS Update - Release updates, Ecosystem packages, Articles and Tips

AdonisJS Update - Release updates, Ecosystem packages, Articles and Tips
By Team AdonisJS • Issue #1 • View online
Hello everyone 👋
This is our first issue of the newsletter we set up last month, and I am super excited to share all the updates, community contributions, and a neat little tip.

June Release
Last month we made the first release after the major v5 release. It includes a bunch of bug fixes, minor improvements, and also the following notable changes.
Articles & Screencasts
AdonisJS 5 Crash Course 2021
Notable packages from the community
Following are some of the notable packages contributed to the ecosystem by the community members.
  • AdonisJS Swagger: Swagger integration for your AdonisJS applications.
  • AdonisJS Sentry: A package to report AdonisJS exceptions to the sentry error tracking service.
  • AdonisJS Re-captcha 2: A Google reCAPTCHA verifier you can use to protect your forms from bots.
  • AdonisJS Stripe: Seamless way to use the Stripe SDK with your AdonisJS applications.
Tip - Customize user look up for authentication
You can customize the user lookup for authentication by defining a static findForAuth method on the User model.
Once this method has been defined, the auth module will rely on it to look up the user. You must return an instance of the model or null (when unable to find the user).
From now on, the auth.attempt method will internally call the findForAuth method to lookup a user.
I thought it would be fun to share some of the interesting stuff I have discovered recently. It may or may not be related to AdonisJS or even programming in general.
  • Animate plus is a classic animation library written years ago by Benjamin De Cock (a former stripe employee). It works great, and I often use it in my projects.
  • DBngin is a Mac-only application to install and run PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Redis databases on your computer. Just download the app, click create a database server, and everything works. Again, I use DBngin every day.
Closing notes
  • You can view the tasks for the next release on our Trello board.
  • If you or your company is AdonisJS, please let us know by creating a PR to get your company name/logo added to the list.
  • Also, make sure to submit your packagesarticles, or meetups to the Awesome AdonisJS repo.
  • Fill out this survey to help us make informed decisions and spend our time on right things.
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Team AdonisJS

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