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AdonisJS update - Two new packages and community contributions





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AdonisJS update - Two new packages and community contributions
By Team AdonisJS • Issue #4 • View online
Hello everyone👋
So, we have two new packages to share with you, along with some of the great work done by the community members.

Internationalization support
AdonisJS now has an official package you can use to create multi-lingual applications. You can use the i18n package to:
  • Perform language-sensitive formatting of specific values such as date, currency, or name.
  • And use the localization layer to store language-specific translations and reference them elsewhere inside your application, including the validation and auth error messages.
Attachment Lite
Attachment lite is a tiny package that works together with AdonisJS Drive to convert columns on your Lucid model to an attachment data type.
The package may appear very simple, but it does some great things under the hood.
  • Automatically cleans up the old file when a new file is assigned.
  • Handles failure cases gracefully. For example, no files are ever removed or persisted if the model fails to persist.
  • Doesn’t need any additional database tables.
Tutorials & Screencasts
Adonis 5 Infinite Load: 01 - Setting Up Our Project
Full-Stack Google Contacts Clone with AdonisJS and Vue.Js
Notable packages from the community
  • Adonis Ally GitLab is another Social authentication driver to log in users using GitLab.
  • Lucid Soft Deletes package allows you to implement soft deletes using Lucid models.
  • AdonisJS Starter is a boilerplate pre-configured with Auth, Roles management, Email verification, and Password reset flow.
This month’s pick is not related to Node.js or AdonisJS directly. However, it can still boost your development workflow if you use ctrl-r to search your shell history.
McFly replaces your default ctrl-r shell history search with an intelligent search engine and visually displays the history in your terminal.
Here’s a sneak peek 👇
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Team AdonisJS

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